Nathan Robinson

Executive Producer

Creative Director, VFX Supervisor, director and founder of Ntropic. Nate built Ntropic on the premise that filmmaking should be a multi-disciplinary process: from production, editing, VFX, and postproduction to music and sound. He fills multiple roles from Creative Director to VFX Supervisor and digital artist on commercials, feature films and music videos.

Through Nate's leadership the company has worked on commercial campaigns for Nike, Apple, Mercedes, and music videos for Green Day, Bon Jovi, and My Chemical Romance. He has contributed visual effects to major motion pictures: "Matrix," "Underworld," and "Die Hard." Nate has created engaging visual content in live action and CG for commercials, feature films, mobile devices, games and experiential. He is a frequent collaborator with brands as diverse as Xbox, EA, Visa, Reebok, Jaguar, and ABC Entertainment on the Scandal, and Marvel Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D campaigns. He recently collaborated with installation artist Marco Brambilla on “Apollo XVIII” - a follow up to “Creation”, a 3D stereoscopic experience that used over a thousand 2D, 2.5D and 3D elements in a virtual space to tell the story of society’s birth life and destruction.

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