Jaeden Lieberher


Jaeden Lieberher was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 4, 2003. When he was eight years old he moved with his mother across the country to Los Angeles, California. Shortly after he moved, he decided he wanted to pursue acting, and made his start by working on several national commercials. In 2014, Jaeden was lucky enough to land his first major role alongside one of his acting idols, Bill Murray, in the film St. Vincent. From his work on this he received various nominations (including Critics’ Choice nod for Best Young Actor and Golden Globe nod for Best Comedy) as well as two wins from The Las Vegas Film Critic Society and Phoenix Film Critic Society. Immediately following that, he worked on the Cameron Crowe film, Aloha (2015) as the mythology-obsessed/film-making son of Rachel McAdams. Next, he starred in Jeff Nichols’ sci-fi drama, Midnight Special (2016), as a boy with special powers on the run with his father, Michael Shannon. Later that year, he starred alongside Clive Owen in the father/son drama, The Confirmation, (2016) written and directed by Oscar nominated Bob Nelson. In 2015, Jaeden made his television debut as Johnny Masters in season three of Masters of Sex on Showtime. Recently he finished working on Colin Trevorrow’s project, playing the title character in The Book of Henry. When he’s not acting, Jaeden enjoys playing basketball and baseball, listening to music, reading and creating comic books, and watching everything from 80’s classics, anime, to action-packed super hero flicks. One day he hopes to work behind the scenes and become a writer and director.

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